Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

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Models from the German car brand – Mercedes-Benz always leave a strong impression on customers at first sight, and this GLC 200 2023 is no exception.

In the last upgrade, the Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 2023 brought many exterior changes, making the appearance of this C-SUV model new but no less luxurious and attractive.
Evaluation of the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 in terms of size, both versions have the same length, width and height parameters of 4,670mm x 1,900mm x 1,650mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,873 mm. . With the above parameters, the Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 2023 looks very superficial when moving on the street.

Evaluation of the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 on the front of the car, this area is impressed by the rather superficial grille cluster, including 2 horizontal perforated metal plated spokes that help support the 3D brand logo right in the center. . The extended front bumper is covered with shiny chrome, the inside is divided into many different compartments. In general, the overall front end of the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 brings a strong and sturdy feeling.

Regarding the lighting system, both GLC 200 and GLC 200 4MATIC versions are equipped with full-LED technology with a 2-storey structure, each floor is divided into 3 small compartments to help provide the best light. The LED daytime running lights run beautifully wrapped around the outside.

In addition, features such as lights that automatically expand the projection angle when cornering, automatically adjust the range … are also standard equipment on both versions. However, these versions still do not have the Multi-Beam smart light system. In the GLC line, only the GLC 300 4MATIC version is equipped with this advanced technology.

Moving to the sides, the body area of the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 is dynamic with sinewy embossed lines. There is a storage rack on the roof of the car. The bottom of the body is arranged with sturdy aluminum alloy steps up and down. In particular, the GLC 200 4MATIC version owns a more advanced insulated glass, along with soundproofed front glass and darkened rear glass to ensure maximum privacy for passengers sitting inside.
Mercedes GLC 200 2023 owns a rearview mirror fully integrated with electric adjustment / folding features and LED turn signals. The window frames on the car are plated with shiny chrome, while the door handles are painted in the same color as the car.

Evaluation of the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 on “legs”, the standard version uses 18-inch 5-spoke dual-spoke alloy wheels. Meanwhile, the GLC 200 4MATIC version uses a new set of 19-inch multi-spoke design wheels. Both versions are only equipped with normal tires, not runflat. However, the automaker adds a spare tire and a TireFit kit to customers.

Moving to the back, the rear of the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 carries the general design of the GLC-Class line. Evaluate the Mercedes GLC 200 2023 about the rear light cluster, this detail attracts customers’ eyes with beautiful boxy graphics. This light cluster is also equipped with full LED technology, which helps bring about good lighting efficiency.

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