Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Domestic air carriers AirAsia Philippines, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines have all confirmed to The Philippine STAR that airfare (flight passenger ticket prices) will decrease in April following a government order to cut fuel surcharge.

The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) on Mar. 15 issued an advisory regarding passenger and cargo fuel surcharge level for domestic and international flights. This decreased the passenger and cargo fuel surcharge rates from the current Level 7 to Level 6 between April 1 to 30.

Under Level 6, passengers are charged P185 to P665 in fuel surcharges for flights within the Philippines and P610.37 to P4,538.40 for international flights—depending on the distance.

Meanwhile, under Level 7, passengers are charged P219 to P739 for domestic flights and P772.71 to P5,373.69 in fuel surcharges.

While CAB issued the advisory regarding the drop in fuel surcharge, the decision to cut ticket prices came from the said airlines.

“Airlines wishing to impose or collect fuel surcharge for the same period for the same period must file its application with this office (CAB) on or before the effectivity period, with fuel surcharge rates not exceeding the above-stated level,” the advisory read.

This is pursuant to CAB Resolution No. 25 (BM 04-05-23-2022), which provides a passenger fuel surcharge matrix. The said resolution defines airline fuel surcharges as optional fees that are imposed and collected by airlines to recover fuel costs and stem losses caused by upward spikes in fuel costs.

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